Dec 27, 2010

nak asah bakat BI?maaf:)

experienced by ciksuehaoi™ at 17:51

CN Blue leader/frontman Jung Yong Hwa....get out of that wayyy!!!!!
I'm in love with CN Blue's guitarist now. Haahhaahaha!!!!! 
My current interest...lee Jong hyun!!! Aghhhhhhh!!!! I love CN Blue!
they're not like the other typical Korean dancing boybands or the melodrama actors..

SIGH*, I hope mum doesn't mind having a rockstar as her son in law. Ahhahaha!!!
Lee Jonghyunnie's fan...
I wonder why I always fall for guys with the surname..."LEE" I mean, lee seung gi, lee jonghyun, lee minki, lee joon, lee donghae, lee jinki(onew), Lee ki woo,Lee Hongki....etc etc. Hahahahah!!! All the LEEs out there...Whatev....
WHO NEEDS BOYFRIENDS WHEN THERE ARE Korean Boybands to loveeeee???? Ahahahah!!!

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